Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Makeup Removers

The days are still long and heavy, but I trudge on, not letting myself lose hope. :h:

I recently ran out of makeup removers, so I went on a mini shopping trip and bought Bífesta Agecare Cleansing Lotion and Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover.

Bífesta, formerly known as Cleansing Express, is an extremely popular Japanese-based brand that specializes in makeup removers only. Bífesta is consistently featured in many beauty magazines, and in 2011, cosme.net ranked Bífesta Eye Makeup Remover as no.1 in the makeup remover category.

I'm a big fan of Bífesta because their cleansing lotions are so lovely to use. They're water-based, so your skin feels very fresh afterwards. :face42: But best of all, there's no need to rinse or double-cleanse! I'm lazy as it is when it comes to proper skincare :g:, so Bífesta is perfect for those late-night parties where all I want to do is crash on my bed after coming home. I can just whip this out and be done with it!

I picked up Agecare because I'm super anal about preventing wrinkles, but there are others such as Moist (for dry skin), Sebum (for oily skin), and Bright Up (for dull skin). Agecare specifically contains Q10 and soy to improve skin elasticity and hydration.

BUT, while I love Bífesta, it unfortunately doesn't remove all my eye makeup. :b: Because I like to wear thick, waterproof eyeliner and mascara, I need an extra helping hand to get the job done. This is where Lancôme Bi-Facil comes in!

The price is double that of Bifesta since Lancome is a "high-end" brand, but I think it's money worth spending. Bi-Facil leaves no oily residue, and in just one swipe, it removes almost everything. Gel liner, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara--whatever else you slap on!

Before returning home two friends won me this absolutely adorable alpaca slingpouch from the arcade. It's so cute! :face20: It even has little lashes and a pink pouch of its own. :a1:

It's a snug fit, but it can carry my iPhone! I AM EXCITED BY THIS :face43:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wandering Around Mihama

Felt like wandering around Mihama after lunch yesterday. It was a cloudy day with the slightest bit of drizzle, but I enjoyed myself anyway. It was very relaxing.

On a related note, I prefer shopping by myself, to be honest. I have no problem going with friends, but whenever I do, I tend to just browse rather than actually shop. I like to take my time and look at everything, so I feel like I would quickly bore my companions. When I do go with other people, I usually just "scout" for things and then come back another time.

I've never seen this shop before. It must be new! I should check it out soon.

Thinking about trying brown eyeliner for the summer.

Vast assortment of tools for achieving a double eyelid effect. There's glue, sticker, fiber...

I'm very curious about this! ¥1500.

I've been seeing a lot of DC and Marvel tees lately--is it because of the Avengers?

Pastel shorts!

I LOVE these bags! I'm going to wait for the mint to go on sale. Right now they're ¥3000.

The center bag would be great this summer! It's very big and roomy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fish & Turtles

Yesterday, Marcus and I visited the Air Park to feed our little aquatic friends.

I took out three large hotdog buns as we plopped ourselves by their home: a large pond with cloudy waters; tinged green from the cushion of algae underneath.

We were greeted by the fish first. As soon as they sense our approach, they swam eagerly--almost frantically--as close to the shore as possible, their mouths open, waiting for food.

The turtles came next. They were the cutest: they paddled their way across the water, little heads bobbing just above the surface. They kept their distance at first, but the bolder ones (the smallest, I noticed), soon pushed their way onto the shore to pluck bread from our fingers. The timid ones preferred to steal the bread off the ground.

Marcus fretted at first.


He was so cute. I appreciate him so much.

It was an absolute feeding frenzy. The fish dashed and splashed and stole from their slower, more polite pondmates (although I'm sure the turtles were just as eager... in their own way).

When we finally ran out of bread, it started to drizzle.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beach Barbeque

Painted my nails on Saturday for a barbeque party at the beach.

A lovely pink base with golden flakes on top. Both polishes are from Etude House.

The picnic started at three but Marcus and I didn't arrive until five-thirty... and by that time our friends haven't eaten yet (as we thought they would have by then), so we took a walk by the shore. Around this time I also had a chance to catch up with my good friend Dia. It was a very pleasant, quiet evening. It felt great to sit at the dock with the waves lapping at our feet and the ocean breeze gently brushing against our cheeks.

Dia and I at the beach. The scenery looks so unimpressive in this picture!

When it was finally time to eat, everyone gathered by the cottages and barbequed chicken teriyaki and fat hotdogs. There was cold pasta salad, too, and salsa with tortilla chips. There was rice, frothy mugs of coke and rootbeer... and lots of junk food.

Later, Marcus and I went home to cuddle on his couch. It was a great evening, and there was something even more heartwarming in our cuddles than usual. Ah, summer nights.
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