Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Darling Rings

I've been meaning to blog about this!

Last week after brunch, I bought two rings from a local shop called Village House. Actually, I was eyeing these for a good week before I finally decided to get them. :face20: They're just darling and dainty! One is rose gold, trimmed with faux diamonds, and the other is a string of minute pearls with a single, dangling faux diamond. I paid ¥580 for both.

They're great to stack! :a1: I've been wearing the pearl ring on the bottom and the rose gold on top, usually on my pinky finger. I'd love to get more rings like these. I don't wear rings often enough, so right now I only have a couple in my jewelry box. :g: But I love the idea of wearing lots of delicate rings on your fingers--sort of like having multiple studs.

When adorned with the right accessories, I think it can look romantic. (Img from Tumblr)

There's this girl who works at the bank I go to, and I don't mean to be such a lesbo, but I can't stop looking at her whenever I visit. :face54: Like, seriously--she reminds me of those pretty hipster girls you see on Tumblr: doe eyes and no makeup but a dash of eyeliner and a fluff of mascara. Anyway, the last time I went to make a deposit, she was wearing pearl studs--three on each ear. I thought it looked so cute! She's making me want more piercings.

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