Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fish & Turtles

Yesterday, Marcus and I visited the Air Park to feed our little aquatic friends.

I took out three large hotdog buns as we plopped ourselves by their home: a large pond with cloudy waters; tinged green from the cushion of algae underneath.

We were greeted by the fish first. As soon as they sense our approach, they swam eagerly--almost frantically--as close to the shore as possible, their mouths open, waiting for food.

The turtles came next. They were the cutest: they paddled their way across the water, little heads bobbing just above the surface. They kept their distance at first, but the bolder ones (the smallest, I noticed), soon pushed their way onto the shore to pluck bread from our fingers. The timid ones preferred to steal the bread off the ground.

Marcus fretted at first.


He was so cute. I appreciate him so much.

It was an absolute feeding frenzy. The fish dashed and splashed and stole from their slower, more polite pondmates (although I'm sure the turtles were just as eager... in their own way).

When we finally ran out of bread, it started to drizzle.

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