Friday, June 1, 2012

Whitening Lotions

With the passing of Memorial Day this week, summer vacation has officially started!
Aaah... blue skies, colorful swimwear, ice cold lemonade, warm sand under our toes...

... blazing-hot sunlight searing into our face and arms...



To be honest, I'm very anal about darkening under the sun--more so than getting wrinkles or skin cancer. Call me vain, but I prefer having a light skintone!

So apart from slathering on sunscreen (in all seasons, not just summer!), I like to use whitening products. But sometimes, I get lazy and forgo the latter. Because besides sunscreen, why would anyone want to layer on products in sticky, humid weather anyway?

Enter whitening lotions with sunscreen! :l:

Personally, I've never seen these types of lotions until my vacation in the Philippines. Because first and foremost, they really are whitening MOISTURIZERS to be used daily to... well, whiten and moisturize your skin! They're not sunscreens with moisturizing effects, like what you normally find. There's a difference!

Anyway, I picked these up at Watsons. :f: I regret not buying an extra bottle (or two) of the Block&White Pearly White but I did get two of the Vaseline Healthy White.

I've been using Pearly White for about a month now. I really like it! I put it on in the morning, right before I walk the dog. It smells amazing--once, someone actually asked me what kind of perfume I was wearing! And the best part is that it's not sticky or greasy at all. I don't know what SPF it is, though. The bottle doesn't say.

Block&White Pearly White UV lotion with natural pearl powder whitens your skin from deep-down to bring out your beautiful fairness with a pearly glow. Combined with UVA and UVB protection, it helps to prevent skin darkening caused by harmful sunrays so your skin stay beautifully fair even under the sun.

Healthy White is equally nice, but the higher SPF gives it that distinct "sunscreen" smell. I don't mind it, though. I put it on when I need a little extra protection while I'm about and about; usually running errands.

The sun can leave your skin darker, uneven, and blemished. Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening body lotion provides three layers of protection that helps keep skin fair & even toned, in a light, non-sticky, daily moisturizer.

From what I can tell, both products have lightened my blemishes, and have expedited my recovery from tanning (the horror!) while on vacation. Of course, I avoid using these at night because products with SPF hinder your skin's ability to regenerate as you sleep.

And that's definitely more important than getting white!

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