Thursday, November 3, 2016

Intimate Thoughts

Since Rob and I are eloping, we won't be shocking ourselves with the stressand expenseof a big wedding, but of course we still want to do something to celebrate. Like a "minimoon" while we plan and save for our ideal honeymoon. But believe it or not, it's been incredibly frustrating trying to find a resort on Okinawa that's romantic enough! Unfortunately, many are built like concrete fortresses to withstand the typhoons that regularly batter the island. AKA UGLY AF. And the ones that do offer even a mediocre amount of aesthetic appeal cost way more than their worth. Can you imagine paying $500 per person, per night for no more than a glorified Holiday Inn?? UMM... NO.

I found Hoshinoya on Taketomi Island, but even the prices there are a little... unjustifiable. Just a little, though. (It is a 5-star resort.) Not to mention, Taketomi is gorgeous, and I've always wanted to visit. Plus, we'll be doing exactly what I want, which is the art of nothing. Just relaxing on a small, quiet island. It's not completely out of our budget either, but we might as well go all out elsewhere, like Tokyo.

So after discussing our options today, Rob and I plan to share a nice lunch and watch Dr. Strange on our wedding day. (Or is it elopement day?) As much as we'd love a minimoon, we think it's best not to pressure ourselves. Because no matter what we do, our wedding day will be special. We just have to focus on what truly matters: our love for each other.

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